Having a Man’s Kilt Made …

Providing kilts in specific family clan tartans is one of many services we provide. We offer both hand sewn and machine made kilts in weights varying from light to heavy weight fabric. All made-to-order kilts will be made by our best kilt makers.




                                                    Standard Prices for A Man’s Kilt

                                                                            (including fabric and tailoring)

                                                         Casual Kilt (5 yards) from $750* (most tartans)

                                                         Medium Weight Fabric (13-14 oz)  from $1000* (most tartans)

                                                         Heavy Weight Fabric (15-16 oz) from $1000* (most tartans)

 * subject to change due to fabric prices and currency fluctuations                                                        

A properly made kilt will last a lifetime, so it is worth taking the time to make an informed decision and be sure you are getting maximum value for money.

There are four crucial considerations in selecting a good kilt:

  • The proper fabric
  • An appropriate tartan
  • Traditional tailoring
  • Quality components

In the following sections we will give you a concise guide to the basics.

Selecting the Right Fabric

The best fabric for kilts is a medium-weight (13-14 oz) or heavyweight (16-18 oz) twill-weave worsted wool that is made specifically for made kilts by the leading mills in Scotland. 

The most common weight for men’s kilts is the medium-weight (13-14 oz). This fabric tailors well, wears well and holds a good crisp press. About 500 tartans are available in medium weight fabrics.

The next in popularity is the so-called heavy weight fabric (16-18 oz). I say so-called because this is not really a true heavyweight fabric, but might be better called a boosted medium weight fabric. The slightly increased weight gives is a softer and more elegant drape. For formal use, we strongly recommend a medium or heavyweight fabric.

Not all tartans are available in all weights. If your desired tartan is available in more then one weight, then which you choose is really a matter of taste. We have kilts in both weights. However, if you desire a rare tartan, you might not have a choice as many of these are only available in the heavy-weight fabric.

Selecting the Right Tartan

We will be happy to assist you with authoritative advice in choosing from a huge range of suitable clan, district or general tartans. Your choice is not limited to the few tartans shown in the popular tartan books.

Many clans, for example, have three tartans: a general clan tartan, a hunting tartan, and a dress tartan. Often, these tartans may come in a variety of colour tones; usually called modern, ancient, or weathered. So, if you don’t like your clan tartan, take heart, you may have several more attractive alternatives.

If you do not claim a clan affiliation, or want something different, then there are also dozens of district and general tartans. Many of these are actually much older than the clan tartans.

Finally, for those of Irish descent, we also offer the Irish National Tartan and the full range of Irish County Tartans.

How to Order Your New Kintail Kilt

The first thing to do is to give us a call at (09) 483-3947, mobile 021 0385508 or e-mail us at  We really like dealing personally with our customers. If you live in the Auckland area, or are planning a visit, then you can make an appointment to view our more than one-thousand tartan samples, inspect our sample kilts, discuss your needs, and have your measurements taken.

If you can’t visit us here at the shop, then we can discuss your needs on the phone, provide a fabric sample where needed, and guide you through the self-measurement procedure using our comprehensive form.


We require a $500 deposit with your order. The balance is due when the kilt is ready for delivery. You may pay with cash, EFPOS or credit card. We accept MasterCard and Visa.