Clan Crest Items

The Clan Crest Badge is a unique feature of Scottish heraldry. It consists of the crest of the Clan Chief encircled by a strap and buckle upon which is inscribed the clan motto or battle cry. It is said to have originated from the practice of Clan Chiefs giving their adherents a metal disk engraved with the chief’s crest. This was attached to the clothing with a small leather strap somewhat in the manner of a luggage tag. The modern design shows the strap wrapped around the crest badge which is now pinned on. It is every bit as important as the clan tartan as a symbol of clan affiliation.

The Clan Crest Badge shown at the left is that of the Clan Campbell. The boar’s head crest of the chief, the Duke of Argyll, is surrounded by the strap and buckle. Inscribed on the strap is the Campbell motto “Ne obliviscaris” (Forget not). The boar’s head relates to a legend about an early progenitor of the Campbells.

Scottish highland dress provides many opportunities to display your clan crest badge. It is most commonly found on the cap badge, the kilt pin, the sgian dubh, the belt buckle, the plaid brooch and the sporran. You will find examples of each of these in the sections below on this page. They are commonly worn together in what is termed a suite which gives the kilt outfit an elegant finished look.

If you are looking for a unique and meaningful gift, we also offer small 1” Clan Crest badges mounted as cufflinks, lapel pins and pendants. You will also find examples of them used to decorate christening spoons and the traditional Scottish drinking quaichs (cups). 

All of our Clan Crest products are made in Scotland by Art Pewter Silver Ltd. and are approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. They are made of old fashioned pewter, polished and then plated with palladium which gives a silver-like appearance that is scratch free and tarnish resistant. We normally stock the full Art Pewter range of 130 different Clan crest badges.

Historical notes and a presentation box are included in the prices.