At Kintail House we can offer tuition for bagpipe players of all levels, from beginners to more advanced players. We can provide tuition covering all aspects of bagpipe playing or provide assistance with tackling specific issues.

We can also offer tuition for all three forms of Highland drumming (Snare, Tenor and Bass). Some will be done in house, others may be taught elsewhere, depending on the level and discipline required.

For both piping and drumming we can offer starter packs (practice chanter and tutor book, or drum sticks, drum pad and tutor book). 

For the more advanced bagpipe learners we also offer an instrument hire plan, so learners do not need to buy an instrument straight away. It gives learners the opportunity to figure out how to play the bagpipes, before having to worry about the expense of buying an instrument. And when a learner is ready to purchase a set of bagpipes, we can provide assistance with either brand new or used instruments. 

Tuition will mainly be provided by us, but we have other tutors available to teach at levels I am not comfortable to teach at.

Contact us for more information on or give us a call on 0204 4 kilts (0204 454587)