Kilt Jackets

There are three basic types of kilt jackets: formal, semi-formal, and casual. Below you will find examples of each different type of kilt jacket. These are all made in Scotland and of superb quality.

The Prince Charlie Formal Jacket

The Prince Charlie is by far the most popular of the formal highland jackets. It has a clean modern look that gives it an instant appeal.

Our Prince Charlie Coatee is made of black 100% new wool fabric by Locharron of Scotland. It has all of the traditional features: satin lapel facings, braided epaulttes, slash cuffs and a tail panel. It is fully mounted with silver-coloured Celtic buttons. The waistcoat is made of the same fabric and has an adjustable back and matching buttons.It comes with a military-style waistcoat that is also fitted with buttons to match the jacket.

The Prince Charlie Coatee can be worn with the tartan trousers as well as the kilt.

It is available in stock sizes from 36 to 54 in short, regular and long fittings.

We also supply the formal dress shirts and black bow ties. You will find these on our shirt and necktie pages.


Price: NZD $725 (sizes 36 to 56)

The Argyll Semi-Formal Jacket

The Black Argyll semi-formal jacket with silver-coloured Celtic pattern buttons has become a very popular style of kilt jacket.

The popularity of the Argyll jacket is due both to its good looks and to its versatility. Some people prefer to use it for all occasions and simply dress it up or down by modifying accessories.

When worn with a silver-grey tie and fur sporran, the Argyll jacket the absolutely correct Scottish attire for formal daytime functions.

At formal evening affairs they are increasingly to be found worn with a formal dress shirt and black bowtie.

This style of jacket has been widely popularised by pipe bands and is now often seen worn as day dress with a turndown-collar shirt and a standard necktie

This jacket comes standard without a waist coat, but a matching five-button waistcoat is also available.

The Prince Charlie Coatee can be worn with the tartan trousers as well as the kilt.

Our Black Argyll jacket is made of black barathea and full mounted with silver-colour celtic-pattern buttons. It has two inside pockets and two outside flap pockets. It also has the classic three-button gauntlet cuffs that are traditional on highland jackets. 

It is available in stock sizes from 36 to 54 in short, regular and long fittings.


Price: NZD $825 (sizes 36-56), including Waistcoat

Tweed Day Jacket

The tweed kilt jacket has been in continuous use since the late 1800s. It is still the standard informal day wear for outdoor activities.

Our jackets are made in Scotland from Ettrick tweeds that have been specially woven by Locharron to complement the colours found in tartans. this has been done by the use of lovat colours which incorporate flecks of a range of tartan colours into the base colour. There are four colours: Lovat Blue, Lovet Green, Lovat Grey and Charcoal Grey. Samples of the colours can be seen here.

The jackets are tailored in the classic Argyll pattern with the traditional guantlett cuffs, flap pockets and epauletts.

They come standard without waistcoats, but these can be ordered separately.

It is available in stock sizes from 36 to 56 in short, regular and long fittings.


Price: NZD $895 (sizes 36 to 56)