Kilt Shirts

We offer two basic types of shirts for wear with the kilt. First, we have the dashing Ghillie Shirts. These are also called by other names such as “Jacobite Shirts” or even “Pirate Shirts”. We also have a lovely formal wing-collar dress shirt that is required for wear with the Prince Charlie formal jacket. 

The Ghillie Shirt

Over the past few decades the 18th century-style Ghillie Shirt has become increasingly popular for wear with the kilt. Their popularity is due both to their dashing appearance and their unmatched comfort in hot summer weather.

We manufacture these of good quality poly-cotton shirting in both black, cream and white (with other colours available on request). They have full shoulder yokes and a shirred back.

Here is an example in cream.

Code: KHGS

Price: NZD $95


Formal Wing Collar Dress Shirt (Currently not available)

This supurb quality dress shirt has a pleated front and comes with three detachable studs to button the front. It has french cuffs and a formal wing collar. This is the proper shirt to wear with a prince Charlie Coattee.

See our necktie section for the correct Black Satin Bowtie.


Price: NZD $120