Kilt Belts and Buckles

The wide belt worn with the kilt used to be called the Dirk Belt. There is a huge variety of traditional buckle designs that can be worn with this belt and we show a few below.

Kilt Belt, Budget

This belt is lined with red leather and can adjusted over a range of about three inches by using a small strap and buckle arrangement concealed on the inside.

Code: KABL

Price: NZD $85

Kilt Belt, Deluxe

This is a top-quality belt with a much greater range of adjustment. Instead of a strap and buckle adjustment, it adjusts by means of hidden snaps. This means that there are no dangling straps to get in the way and th appearance is much neater. The leathers used are of better quality and the belt is much more substantial than the standard budget belt.


Price: NZD $95

Buckle, Celtic Cross

For over a century this buckle design has been a favourite.


Price: NZD $