Kilt Hoses and Flashes

Solid coloured hose are the correct choice for casual wear with the kilt. There are many colour available and they are usually toned to harmonise with tartans.

White hose are commonly worn for formal, semi-formal and casual wear. The practice of wearing white hose  was started by pipe bands and picked up by kilt hire firms. You should be aware, however, that kilt authorities do not consider it proper and for some years now there has been a strong movement in Scotland to put an end to the practice. According to the authorities, the correct course of action is to wear solid coloured hose with casual wear and tartan hose for formal and semi-formal wear.

We recommend that if budget considerations require you to forego the tartan hose for a period, then you should use white hose as a temporary measure for your semi-formal and formal wear and coloured hose for casual wear.

Kilt Hose in Solid Colours

We offer proper Scottish-made kilt hose in the traditional long-leg style with generous turndown tops. These hose are made of 80% wool and 20% nylon. They wash well and will provide good long service.

They are ribbed and hand-linked for comfort.

Please note that the hose sizes do not correspond directly to you shoe size. The following guide should be used.

UK Shoe Size:      4      6     8     10    12

Hose Size:            8      9    10    11    12 

Sizes: UK 8 to UK 12

Colours: White (ecru), Navy, Bottle Green, Black, Lovat Green, Lovat Blue, Mid-Grey

Code: KHP

Price: NZD $50

Pure White Pipe Band Acrylic Hose

These are made of an Acrylic/Nylon blend especially for pipe band use. They have the wide turn-over patterned tops often called “bubble top” hose.

Code: KHA

Price: $50

Tartan Formal Hose

These are the traditional formal hose that should be worn with formal and semi-formal kilt outfits. They are hand made of 100% wool to match the your tartan.

While more expensive that the plain white hose, the tartan hose add the traditional elegance and style that is the hallmark of formal highland dress.

A variation on tartan hose called “diced hose” are still a regulation item in the highland regiments for all ranks.


Price: NZD $185

Solid Colour Hose Garter Flashes

These are the standard pattern garter flashes suitable fo wear with both casual and formal kilt outfits. They are made of worsted herringbone wool material and have an adjustable elastic band. They have a double flash with a loop.

These flashes have been produced by Locharron in colours designed to tone best with tartans.

Please note, these are the real thing, not the cheap copies so often found.

Colours: Scarlet, Bottle Green, Navy, Lindsay Wine, Ancient Green, Ancient Blue, Ancient Red, Weathered Green, Weathered Red, Weathered Blue

Code: KGFD

Price: NZD $35

Tartan Garter Flashes

Tartan garter flashes are normally ordered when you order your kilt to ensure a perfect match. However, we can provide tartan flashes in many tartans from stock fabric. Please call to see if your tartan is available.

Code: TGF

Price: NZD $55